Information about the Board of Directors and Board Minutes

  •  You can now email directly  to your Board of Directors

  • Our email address is:  Please review Villas West Email Policy found in "Living in Villas West"    

  • Minutes from the Board are posted after they are approved at the next Board meeting.                       

  • Service on the Board is strictly voluntary.  Our directors have a personal life outside of serving on the Board.   

  • Board members will not accept phone calls, emails, or invitations to discuss business unless it comes through the office where they all have personal cubbys. You may also contact them directly through the new email.


Board of Directors

Jim Becker - President

Committee Chair - Architecture Committee 

Term ends 02-2020

Tim Schaid - Vice President

Committee Chair - Maintenance Committee

Term ends 02-2021

Chris Fisher - Treasurer

Committee Chair - Budget & Finance Committee

Term ends 02-2022

Mary Meister -Secretary

Committee Chair - Documents & Communication Committee

Term ends 02-2022

Lila Szedlus - Director, Social Events

Committee Chair -  Grounds Committee, Director of Social Activities

Term ends  02-2020