Letter from Tucson Electric Power regarding Electrical Boxes

  • We have been advised that the large electrical boxes found throughout the Villas West Campus are not to be painted.  
  • There must also not be any vegetation within a certain distance of these boxes.  
  • The Grounds Committee and the Grounds crew will make an evaluation of each electrical box and it's surrounding area as per specifications from TEP.

Letter from TEP 2020 (pdf)


Landscaping projects


Adopt a Stump

  • Our grounds committee has begun a project to rehabilitate five of the stumps that were left after cutting down dangerous eucalyptus trees.
  •  If there are any year-round residents who would like to "Adopt a Stump" contact The Grounds Committee Chairman through the office and they will assign you a stump if one is available. 
  • The committee prefers that you are here year-round so you can tend to your stump and maybe plant seasonally. 


Sidewalk Circle Project

  • The Grounds Committee has documented sidewalk circles that are in need of new landscaping.
  •  We are planning to use plants from the Villas in inappropriate areas and transplant them to the sparse circles. Additional plants may be needed after we recover all the "pups" that we can.
  •  We will also be documenting the pagoda lights that are not working.
  •  If you have any ideas to improve the sidewalk circles please let us know. A Grounds Alteration Application should be submitted to the office and it will be forwarded to the Committee Chairman.


Oleander Removal

  • Selective removal of oleanders that have invaded our sewer system.
  •   The landscape crew has marked and mapped out oleanders that need to be removed